Scandal gets bigger, RTI reveals 400 answer sheetshave marking anomalies

THE marking scandal that rocked Maharshi Dayanand University at Rohtak last month, in which seven first year B Tech students, who failed in the Essentials of Communication subject, but passed with first divisions after re-evaluation, has got bigger with records, obtained through RTI, showing that more than 400 students benefitted from the re-evaluation.

While over 900 B Tech students, who failed in the exams, cleared after the re-evaluation, there is a stark difference in marks awarded, by the original examiner, the first and second re-evaluators, to at least 400 of the students.

In some cases, while the original examiner has awarded a zero, the student has ended up with 78 marks after the revaluation. Similarly, 7 has become 64; 22 has become 90 ……. and so on. (see box)

The anomalies in marking is not confined to a single subject with whopping differences showing up in the answer sheets of a variety of subjects including Physics, Basics of Electronics, Mathematics, Digital Electronics, Electrical Technology, Eletromechanical Energy Conservation and Discrete Structure or Engineering Mechanics.

What is common to most of the students, however, is that those who flunked in the first marking, managed to score more than double the original marks after the re-evaluation.

MDU authorities have already debarred 10 evaluators and re-evaluators, for 1-9 years (depending on the quantum of errors committed by the individual); who allegedly figured in the scandal and were indicted for erroneous markings. The University, however, has neither taken any action against the students, who benefited from the marking anomalies; nor has it decided to hold the examinations again.

The marking pertains to the first year B Tech examinations held by MDU in December, 2010. The results were declared in September, 2011 and students were given 15 days to apply for re-evaluation of their answersheets.

The revised results were released in February, this year. On February 23, 2012, acting on the basis of a complaint lodged by a University insider, an inquiry was initiated to probe the unusual marking patterns. On June 26, 10 evaluators were debarred from all examination duties.

One of the debarred evaluators, Satish Kumar, has filed a criminal writ petition challenging the University’s verdict, in the Punjab and Haryana High Court. MDU has been issued a notice by the High Court, to reply to allegations. “We have come to know that the High Court has issued a notice to us. We shall submit our reply. We are taking adequate steps to prevent such things, but these evaluators and re-evaluators keep committing errors, for whatever reasons. Certain areas are very subjective. But we are looking into it to prevent such things from happening in the future,”said MDU Vice-Chancellor R P Hooda.

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